• My mission as a photographer is to capture the unique beauty and the individual stories that my clients have to share. I strive to find those moments behind the lens that are often overlooked by the common eye...that glimpse of the love, emotions, and quirks that make a person or family who they are.
  • My style is fresh and candid. I love to shoot with natural light to create a timeless and organic look. I put a lot of love and detail into each and every photo that I edit.
  • My process is fun and laid back. I’m in love with capturing people at their very best when they are just being themselves. The best photos are these very real moments.
  • In the end, I want my client to walk away feeling that they’ve received more than just a photo. I want them to walk away with a piece of art that they can cherish forever.

Getting to know me...

  • I love travelling and pretending to be a local – getting lost and exploring without a plan or agenda. So far I’ve visited 17 countries and Croatia is my latest favorite.
  • My escape after a long day is singing and playing piano with a side of red wine.
  • The day my husband and I got married in Lake Como, Italy with our closest friends and family was the best day of my life.
  • I adore babies, bright lipstick, and breakfast tacos.
  • The beach is my favorite escape. I grew up on the coast and the salty air reminds me of home. My husband and I try to escape to the coast and scuba dive every chance we get.
  • The most difficult thing I’ve ever done is run the NY marathon but the carb loading beforehand was the easiest.
  • The year I left my corporate job to move to Spain and teach kids forever changed my path.

I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to get to know you and take your portraits. If you are interested in booking a session or meeting to discuss my services please reach out!